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01 Jan 1970 |

Janet Day

Janet Day
Birth name
Janet Day
Chicago, IL

Growing up in Chicago, Jan attended “The Actor’s Institute” under the tutelage of Dr. Mark Rose.  During that time, She portrayed Chloe in “Sheridans of Chicago” on C.A.N. TV19, a soap opera also written and directed by Dr. Rose.  From there, she trained in improv and sketch comedy at Second City for several years, and still performs as her “Doris Schlockman”, a charater developed during her time at Second City.  She was featured on “Last Comic Standing”, and was an active member in various comedy groups: “Whose Kids Are These Anyway” , “Udder Chaos” , “Gag Reflux”, and eventually became the founder, writer and director of “The Beaver Island Comedy Group”.   She has performed at “K.J. Riddles Comedy Stop”, “The Funny Bone”, “Fins Comedy Club”, “Comedy Revue”, “Ringside Two” and “McCurdy’s Comedy Club” …to name a few.    Jan’s film credits include, “The Package” from Orion Productions, and “An Uneasy Silence” from Full Circle Films.  She also spent time on the stage as the lead role in “The Bad Year of Tomatoes”.   With her character of “Doris Schlockman” always bring laughs,  Jan considers her greatest work a scripted television series called “Opening Act” ans a childeren’s book about fairies called “Twinkleville”.   As she once told Spike O’Dell on his W.G.N. radio show out of Chicago, “I will know I have made it when Doris and I are on “Saturday Night Live”…

…but we guess The Misplaced Comedy Group will do… LOL!