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01 Jan 1970 |

Steven Grabo

Steven Grabo

A guy who’s been everywhere, yet no one can pronounce his name!

Originally from Central Pennsylvania, Steven Grabo has been performing all his life, with training ranging from the vocal and theater teachings of Katherine Heckard, tutorial classes at Carnegie Mellon and Millersville University as well as studied under Hollywood icon Mala Powers, executor to the Michael Chekhov Studios in Los Angeles, California. From 1993 – 98, Steve was the front man for the band IRIS under the Rockville Record label. He has also written, voiced and produced thousands of studio productions and radio programs, including the comical snippets of “The Elderly Super friends”. Steve still thinks he can be found playing a mental patient in Columbia Picture’s “Girl Interrupted” (Although all his scenes were actually cut). From 1999-2001 He was the production Director for Adventure Radio, in South Carolina. There he Produced, Wrote, and voiced the majority of the commercials for the company, while being a full-time On Air personality for 5 of their 7 stations. It was there that Steve came up with the concept of forming a comedic acting troupe. In mid 2000, after winning several awards at the AMTC National Convention, he moved on to work with Writer/Director Genevieve Ramsey’s “Pushcart Players” for two seasons while performing Stand-Up Comedy from Charleston, SC to Savannah, Ga. Steve has hosted comedy at Savannah’s Premier Comedy and Jazz Club ‘Spats,’ and Beaufort County’s World Famous Club ‘Night Moves,’ before moving Misplaced Comedy to their main headquarters in Sarasota, Florida. He still does National voice work and plans to continue in film and theater, while producing independent music… And of course…
The Misplaced Comedy Group.

By the way… It’s pronounced “Grab – Oh”

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