The MCG Playlist
01 Jan 1970 |

MCG CDs – Now Available!!

MCG CDs – Now Available!!
MCG CDs – Now Available!!

The Misplaced Comedy Group’s “Comedy you can take home” campaign can be found here!
…Known for their twisted parodies and comical sketches, here’s a list of all the CDs found featuring: The M.C.G..
To view, order or download, just click on the title!
Or… to view each CD, just go to the “Audio” pull down menu at the top of the screen.

Back For More Abuse (2010)

The Original Podcasts (Vol. 1) (2007)

“X” – Demo (2006)

Unreal Estate (2005)

Absurd Sensationalism (2004)

Misplaced Holidays (2004)

Good Eats (2003)

Whole Kit and Kaboodle (2003) – Unavailable

The Afghan Files (2001)

Misplaced Comedy’s Radio Cuts (2001) – Unavailable

Misplaced Comedy (2001) – Unavailable