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Holiday Podcast (Part 2) NOW AVAILABLE!!!


For those who’ve been following our many productions… 

A NEW and exciting Audio Podcast is now available for your listening pleasure.

The Holiday Podcast (Part 2) – is now Up and running with even more funny sketches, parodies and info about The MCG! …including a coupon code for The MCG Store!  (“TELL15”)

This week’s Holiday Podcast Features:
– A “New” Fractured Fairy Tale
– “They Call Him Santa Claus
– More Horny Elves….
– …and a Holiday Classic from 1989….
(recorded on an old 4-track cassette player, back in the day…)

The RSS feed is available here!

..and for those who don’t podcast….
You can enjoy the quick download & listen here!

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….If you missed Last Week’s episode (Past 1) you can now listen here…

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The Misplaced Comedy Group
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“…Best Emerging Artist…”
   – American Idol Magazine


December 12th, 2010

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