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The “Last” Holiday Podcast for 2010…

YES!! The 3rd and final Holiday Podcast for 2010!
…For the past few weeks we’ve released several podcasts to round out a Full Year of twisted comedy!!

We sure hope you liked them… and that you passed them on to your friends… and their friend’s friends….

You can now check out All Three Holiday Podcasts (as well as many others) Here!

For those who don’t Podcast….
You can Click & Listen to the streaming audio of “PART 3” here:

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Have a wonderful Holiday Season everyone!
And Tell everyone about Misplaced Comedy! — Pass the word!

Here is Part 1:

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And Part 2:

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The Misplaced Comedy Group
“…The #1 Internet Comedy Troupe”
“…Best Emerging Artist…”
   – American Idol Magazine


December 19th, 2010

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