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The MCG LIVE!! …Again

The MCG LIVE!! …Again

Yes, The MCG are at it again during a Special Event happening this coming weekend…

The Place: The Devyn, Sarasota’s Premier Event Venue…
When: Saturday, September 6th – from 7-10 pm
RSVP: 941-953-1537
…The first 500 peeps will also receive a “Swag Bag” – how cool is THAT!

But the big news is…
This is the 1st time The MCG have been seen LIVE in 4 years!
…And now that we’re back and recording again, things have never looked better. With a strong cast of characters, new sketches, new stand-up, new songs and even Videos to boot… keep posted as to everything that’s about it happen here!

During THE DEVYN EVENT, The MCG will be performing 3 different acts, including a Brand New “Dinner Theater MURDER MYSTERY Extravaganza”, something no one in Sarasota County has seen since members of The MCG were a part of the Full Moon Theater Company (Tony & Tina’s Wedding, Grandma Sylvia’s Funeral).
In this case… The Dinner Theater Experience has been written and produced by The Misplaced Comedy Group… so everything seen is completely original….

We hope to see all of Sarasota and Surrounding Areas THERE!!!


September 2nd, 2014

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