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01 Jan 1970 |


The Potluck Brothers’ Podcast!!

The Potluck Brothers’ Podcast!!

Ohh yeah! That’s right, we’re podcasting again… but with a whole new theme!
It’s The Potluck Brother’s Podcast!

No, they’re not related… BUT! Each one of these guys brings something to the table, making this podcast entertaining for anyone that listens… Pat, Steve & Mike are here and giving their own perspectives on life in general, while creating topical discussions with callers who have no idea on what they’re about to be asked. AND… it sure beats listening to the news.

They Record every Wednesday from 7-9… so if you friend them up on Facebook and they see that you’re available on IM, they MAY just contact you to be on the show!! You should be able to pick them up on “The Misplaced Comedy Group’s Podcast” – Anywhere Podcasts are available… OR check the Facebook pages for the feed.


November 12th, 2019

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