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01 Jan 1970 |


Whew!! What A Busy Year!…

Whew!! What A Busy Year!…

What can we say…  We started off this year performing a variety show in front of 800 people…

Wrote a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater show, which sold out on it’s opening night at Visani’s… And on the same night, debuted the music video “Speedo”, while releasing our “Greatest Hits/Misses” CD for download.

And now, we’ve just released our 13th CD…. which is more than Monty Python, I might add… I think.

“Another Elfin’ Holiday” features an eclectic array of sketches, parody songs and commercials, while following a story-line of a bunch of horny elves….

We can’t wait to do more next year, as our Dinner theater show is available for booking, as well as going back into the studio to record and create more videos for the world to enjoy.

Thanks for coming along for the ride….




December 6th, 2015

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